Friday, October 29, 2004


"One of the great events of my life"

The good people of New York delivered Rip Torn from at least 20 hours of community service yesterday following his grueling DWI trial. Ah, Lady Justice.


End of an era . . . .

After more than a decade of Lou Reed extrapolation and steering the ship of "Dream Pop", Luna--quite possibly the coolest NYC band who never asked to be--is calling it quits. Tomorrow night's show at Maxwell's is sold out, but they'll be back this winter for a New Year's Eve nightcap in Park Slope . Evidently the last line on Luna's resume, Rendezvous was released on Tuesday. I haven't yet picked it up but I hear there's a Virgin in Times Square.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Everybody scared?

The other day I saw a headline for a Safire piece implying that this year's presidential race is all about scaring voters. At first I was confused (he not being one to rock the boat when a reactionary's will is on the line), but then I realized he was talking about Kerry. Kerry scaring seniors about social security. Kerry scaring everyone about flu vaccines. Wow, that is scary. Scarier than telling people they'll get blown up if they don't vote for Bush.

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